Silverlight Plus CRM
Book Overview
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is an application framework for building business applications. This book is not an introduction to the framework, but a guide to using Silverlight with CRM 2011. Using Silverlight with CRM was possible before CRM 2011, it’s just now with CRM 2011 the support has become first class. For example, Silverlight content can now be hosted and served to the client by CRM making deployment simple for even the CRM offline client that runs inside of Microsoft Outlook. Once built, Silverlight components can be easily added to forms by non-developers making them building blocks for larger solutions.

CRM developers will find Silverlight’s capabilities useful when extending the CRM user experience. Developers migrating existing CRM applications to CRM 2011 will find it an ideal time to convert existing custom content to Silverlight applications hosted as Web Resources. Developers building new CRM applications will have a fresh start using Silverlight and won’t be constrained by existing implementations. In this book we will explore how Silverlight can be used as part of building CRM 2011 applications.

As this book covers two large technology families, Silverlight and Dynamics CRM, not each chapter will cover both topics to the same degree. Some chapters will slant heavily one way or the other and other chapters will cover both fairly evenly. The goal of this book is to give you more tools in your developer toolbox to use. Sometimes those tools are Silverlight and sometimes they are Dynamics CRM.
Who this book for
The target audience for this book is solution architects and developers that are getting started building Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 applications using Microsoft Silverlight. Project Managers might also benefit from some of the content to understand issues the team may encounter.
About the Author
David Yack is the CTO of Colorado Technology Consultants based in Colorado. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft MVP for Silverlight. As a senior hands’ on technology and business consultant with over 20 years of industry experience, David enjoys developing applications on the Microsoft platforms, specializing in large system architecture and design. David embraced Silverlight early on when it used to be called WPF/E. As part of a group of Silverlight insiders David regularly provides product feedback to the Microsoft Silverlight development team. David has been helping clients migrate and build new applications on Silverlight, as well as helping to mentor and train their staffs. David is a member of the INETA Speaker Bureau and is a frequent speaker at user group and industry events. David has been on the author team of two other .NET related books and recently completed the book CRM as a Rapid Development Platform ( He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and two children. You can read his blogs at and